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WebSiteRobot Manual
Please read this 1-page Manual completely if you are about to run the Robot for the first time. Also notice that its Extended Version is available in several formats.

1. Installation
Please download from here then, click on setup.exe and follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Registration
Click on the WebSiteRobot icon on your desktop to bring up the Registration Screen. Read and accept the license, fill out the Registration Form and click on Send

3. Web Site Address
Your Web Site Address will be sent to the email address provided on the Registration Form. Please fill in a valid email address that you check often. Your email address will not be made public on your web site. Instead, your visitors will use the Contact Form available on your Web Site.

4. Operation
Copy any file, folder, images, chart, sound, video or other into your MyWebSite folder. It is in your main C hard drive, C:\MyWebSite, with a shortcut on your desktop. Then select the Control Center tab of the Robot, and click on Synchronize.

5. File Descriptions, Shopping Cart
Select the Add Notes tab of the Robot and use the directory tree on the left to select the file or folder. Then fill the notes field like Title, Number, Description, etc and click on Save. When done with all items, select the Control Center and click on Synchronize.

Filling the Price of any item automatically includes a shopping cart on your web site, with online secure payments by credit card.

When the Title of an image is main, it is displayed in normal size instead of a thumbnail.

When the Title is logo and the image is located in the main MyWebSite folder, it is used as the logo of the web site.

When the Title of an item is hide, the item is not displayed although it is still available on the site.

6. Blog
Select the Blog Tab of Web Site Robot. Fill the Group, Title, and Text of your Blog, then click on Publish

The Extended Version of this manual is also availabe:

WebSiteRobot Extended Manual Adobe PDF, 89 pages, 1.49Mbytes

WebSiteRobot Extended Manual MS Word Document, 89 Pages, 1.46Mbytes