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Web Site Robot Features
The table below compares Web Site Robot to other Web Site Design and Hosting options available. Please let us know if we missed a feature of one of the tools below.
Features Web Site Robot HTML Editors,
WYSIWYG Editors,
Site Builders,
Page Builders,
Web Templates
Online Photo Album,
Thumbnail Creators,
Image Galleries
Average Time For
Updating 1 Page < 1 Second Hours Hours Hours
Basic Web Site Minutes Days Days Days
Online Store Minutes Weeks Weeks -
1 Item For Sale < 1 Second Hours Hours -
Web Site Design
HTML Not Req. Not Req. Not Req. -
Templates Keep All Choose One Choose One Choose One
Look and Feel Visitor's Choice Fixed Fixed Fixed
Shopping Cart Included Write Code Buy Modules -
Online Payments Enabled - - -
Gateway Paypal - - -
Protocol Secure - - -
Number of Blogs Unlimited - - -
Blog Groups Unlimited - - -
Offline Blog Allowed - - -
Edit Old Blog Allowed - - -
Archive Old Blog Automatic - - -
Search Engine Included - - -
Documents HTML, PDF, RTF
DOC, XML, Blog
- - -
Multimedia Sound, Music, Video - - -
Filtering By File Format - - -
Thumbnails Automatic - PNG(1) Manual Manual Automatic - JPEG, GIF(1)
Images Layout Slide Show with Caption Flat Album Flat Album Gallery
Sound Samples Automatic - Ogg(2) - - -
Sound Encoding Ogg(2) - - -
Video, others Automatic Link - - -
Web Publishing
Web Hosting Local Pay Hosting Company Pay Hosting Company Pay Hosting Company
Storage Space Unlimited - - -
Web Server Included - - -
Mirroring Included - - -
Upload Files Automatic Manual FTP Manual FTP Manual FTP
Server Control GUI based - - -
Network Config Automatic - - -
System Setup Automatic Manual Manual Manual
Dynamic IP Tracking Automatic - - -
Summary Web Site Robot is the next paradigm in web publishing technology. Just click and go...
Please click here to download the Robot
(1)PNG, GIF and JPEG are different format used to compress image files. PNG's compression is among the best that can be had without losing image information and without paying patent fees.
(2)You are probably familiar with proprietary music compression fromats such as MP3, WMA, RAU, etc. The Ogg format is a completely open, patent-free, professional audio encoding.

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